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comment please!!!!!!


YES I HAS MOVED MY ACCOUNT TO :iconishunnie57:

so all my stalkers go and watch me again!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: the computer screen!
  • Reading: the computer screen
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Playing: the computer screen
  • Eating: the computer screen
  • Drinking: the computer screen


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plz i ned points~~~~~~~~~~!

you can ask for a request a watch anything i just need a premium membership pwese

1 : Llama + 3 favs
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25 : Llama + watch + 30 favs + 15 comments + icon animated
35 : Llama + watch + 45 favs + 20 comments + request and animated icon
50 : Llama + watch + whole gallery + 30 comments + sketch of more than three cats and 3 animated icons

:iconrainbowivanplz: :iconrainbowpolandplz: :iconrainbowalfredplz: :iconrainbowgilbertplz: :iconrainbowcanadaplz: :iconrainbowseaplz: :iconrainbowvashplz: :iconrainbowtinoplz: :iconrainbowestoniaplz: :iconrainbowlithuaniaplz: :iconrainbowlatviaplz: :iconrainbowkikuplz: :iconrainbowludwigplz: :iconrainbowukplz: :iconrainbowpolandplz: :iconrainbowromeplz: :iconrainbownorwayplz: :iconrainbowgreeceplz: :iconrainbowhongkongplz: :iconrainbowitalyplz:

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United States
OMG!!! HI WELCOME TO MY PROFILE PERSON I DONT KNOW!! :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:

((deviant art is the only place i can be my self and awya from my parents and show my only talent))

im very shy but i like to talk to people but i dont know how too....some person is trying to take over my life and take away everything i far i have lost 4 people in my life. next they are going to try to go after my mom or my only best friend that i love very much......-sigh- but people think im too depressed adn always have a bad out look on life but really......i just feel alone. no mattter how close to people i get. i am a love takes alot to get to me.......i am actually nearly a lesbian but who cares what other people think im a person!!!

-dear prussia,
please invade my vital regions

-der switzy,
go to austria or i shall castrate you with a spoon

-denmark is my personaly seme >D

i am really funn. i am 14 years old and i have awesome friends and im awesome too!!!!!
countries my family comes from:

im called momo, hawkstar, and sometimes prezel, and morcoo,mogan, shorty, and moomoo amd blade, spain, latvia, denmark, and i like people to call me Sai....i think its a pretty name

im a huge fan of warrior cats fan!

:icont0xicfr0g: ~~~this is my awesome invade zim fan!!! i love her and she stole my id D< lol she taught me how to animate XD

:iconwindup-ghost: ~~ this is my other hetalia fanatic XDDDD hetalia for like you see hetalia is the world we need to the world to survive so there for hetalia is life!!! XD i love this chick

:iconwarriorgurl120: !~~~ this is like my best friend!!!!! we lonve warrior cats!!! we are best friends since 7th grade! i have to move in the middle of 8th grade but we never lost contact and she is still the closest friend i got i love you girlll!!!!!!!!

:iconshikabanehime88: ~~~~ this is my vampire knight fangirl!!!! love her to death pyo!

:iconinkstainedpens: ~~~~ i have known this chick since 2nd grade i moved in third grade and moved back in 8th XD we became best friends instantly!! love you girlll!!!

:iconwarriorcats13: ~~~ this is someone i meet through here!! she is funny and a great artist and i love her like a best friend!!

:iconvivi2012: ~~~ i also meet this chick thru here!!! she helps me thru alot and i love her like a best friend!!!!!

my fav animes:
black butler
full metal alchemist
ouran high school host club
shugo chara
lucky star
soul eater
jinjou romantica

my likes are:

-ice cream
-the most epic yaoi ever (boku no pico)
-my friends

my dislikes:

-george bush
-megan fox
-and other stuff

oh and i hate being critizized and judged badly!

my birthday is december 17!

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen:

awesome artist that i love!!:

:iconfrigidbloodalchemist: :iconapofiss: :iconthegweny: :icongamakichisora: :iconmiiroku:
:iconfinchwing: :icongabriela-macchi: :icongraystripe64: :icongo-devil-dante: :iconlalasosu2: :iconsitavara:
:iconspottedfire23: :iconrainingskittles013: :iconwildpathofshadowclan: :iconz-raid:
:icontribble-of-doom: :iconthe-blurple-mage: :iconmyalltimelow098:

friends in real life:

:icondeathnoteyaoifan: :iconselenealice: :icont0xicfr0g: :iconshikabanehime88:
:iconwindup-ghost: :iconscemo-kid92: :icontitaniumjsg: :iconinkstainedpens: :iconyugi07:

friends on DA:

:iconwarriorcats13: :iconvivi2012: :iconzeldadweeb: :iconiamdeathzekid: :iconrad-but-sad: :icontigeress55:

-when it comes to denmark we all end up in the sky
-when it comes to finland we all end up in the clouds
-when it comes to sweden we all end up under ground
-when it comes to norway we all end up on earth
-when it comes to iceland we all dissapere XD

I stole from 3 people...this is so true....

FRIENDS: Never ask for food.

BEST FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food.

FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.

BEST FRIENDS: Call your parents Mom and Dad.

FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.

BEST FRIENDS: Would sit next to you saying, "Damn we messed up.... but man that was fun!"

FRIENDS: Never see you cry.

BEST FRIENDS: Have a wet shoulder from you tears.

FRIENDS: Barrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.

BEST FRIENDS: Keep your stuff for so long they forget it is yours.
Dude, this is awesome

FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.

BEST FRIENDS: Could write a book about you complete with quotes, but would never actually do it.

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if the crowd is doing it.

BEST FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowd that left you.

FRIENDS: Will knock on your front door.

BEST FRIENDS: Will come in and say, "I'm Home!"

FRIENDS: Will scold the person who was mean to you.

BEST FRIENDS: Will chose between knocking them down, or knocking them out!

FRIENDS: Will read this.

BEST FRIENDS: Will steal (copy and paste) this like I did


Hetalia......THE PAIRINGS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! :iconotlplz:

*-H-* Hong Kong-China-Russia-Prussia-Germany-North Italy-Japan-Hong Kong XD
*-E-* Estonia-Latvia-Sealand-Seborga-North Italy-Germany-Prussia-Russia-Estonia XD
*-T-* Turkey-Greece-Japan-China-Russia-Prussia-Germany-North Italy-Egypt-Turkey XD
*-A-* America-England-Japan-North Italy-Romano-Spain-France-Prussia-Russia-America XD
*-L-* Lithuania-Poland-Russia-Latvia-Sealand-Seborga-North Italy-Germany-Purssia-Russia-Lithuania XD
*-T-* Taiwan-China-North Korea- Hong Kong-Japan-Taiwan XD
*-I-* Iceland-Norway-Denmark-Sweden-Finland-Iceland XD
*-A-* Austria-Prussia-Germany-North Italy-Romano-Spain-Prussia-Austria XD

yay hetalia?

:iconyayflyinmintbunnyplz: :iconyayswitzerlandplz: :iconyayamericaplz: :iconyayspainplz:
:iconyayprussiaplz: :iconyayrussiaplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyaycanadaplz: :iconyayfranceplz:
:iconyayhreplz: :iconyaygermanyplz: :iconyayitalyplz: :iconyayromanoplz: :iconyayestoniaplz: :iconyayswedenplz: :iconyaymrpuffinplz: :iconyayhanatamagoplz: :iconyaypierreplz: :iconyaytonyplz: :iconyayshinattyplz: :iconyaygilbirdplz: :iconyaykumajiroplz: :iconyaypolandplz: :iconyaylithuaniaplz: :iconyaylatviaplz: :iconyayaustraliaplz: :iconyayscotlandplz: :iconyayirelandplz: :iconyaychinaplz: :iconyayjapanplz: :iconyayromeplz: :iconyaytaiwanplz: :iconyaydenmarkplz: :iconyayhungaryplz: :iconyaychibispainplz: :iconyaypolandsponyplz: :iconyaychibirussiaplz: :iconyaygermaniaplz: :iconyaydenmarkplz: :iconyaysealandplz: :iconyayseborgaplz: :iconyayseychellesplz: :iconyayswedenplz: :iconyaytaiwanplz: :iconyayturkeyplz: :iconyayukraineplz: :iconyayvietnamplz: :iconyaywyplz: :iconyayegyptplz: :iconyayestoniaplz: :iconyayfinlandplz: :iconyaygreeceplz: :iconyaynorwayplz:

yay nyotalia?

:iconyayaliceplz: :iconyayfemgermanyplz: :iconyaysakuraplz: :iconyayemilyplz: :iconyayrosaplz: :iconyayfemfranceplz: :iconyaychunyanplz: :iconyayivanaplz: :iconyaycanakoplz: :iconyaychiaraplz: :iconyayjulchenplz:

rainbow hetalia?

:iconrainbowseaplz: :iconrainbowvashplz: :iconrainbowukplz: :iconrainbowestoniaplz: :iconrainbowtinoplz: :iconrainbowludwigplz: :iconrainbowgreeceplz: :iconrainbownorwayplz: :iconrainbowpolandplz: :iconrainbowgilbertplz: :iconrainbowromeplz: :iconrainbowcanadaplz: :iconrainbowhongkongplz: :iconrainbowitalyplz: :iconrainbowkikuplz: :iconrainbowlatviaplz: :iconrainbowlithuaniaplz:

stamp hetalia?


Current Residence: central italy~
Favourite genre of music: hard rock, screamo, pop, hetalia!
Favourite style of art: manga
Operating System: gimp and mspaint
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: denmark, spain, romano, italy, prussia
Personal Quote: cinnamon biscuts X3

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